Getting Started

Vertov is a free media annotating plugin for Zotero, an innovative, easy-to-use, and infinitely extendable research tool. Both are Firefox extensions. Vertov allows you to cut video and audio files into clips, annotate the clips, and integrate your annotations with other research sources and notes stored in Zotero.

Download and install:

  1. Firefox 2.0 browser.
  2. Zotero, a Firefox extension.
  3. Windows users: first Java Runtime Environment, then QuickTime player.
  4. Vertov, a plugin for Zotero.

Import your media file into Zotero:

  1. Load any QuickTime-compatible audio or video file in your browser (over 50 formats).
  2. Add it to Zotero using “Create New Item from Current Page” button.
  3. Edit bibliographic information for the new parent item in Zotero’s right column.

… or link your media file:

  1. Create a new item: Film, Video Recording, Audio Recording, Interview, or any other.
  2. Enter link to the file (file:/// or http://) in the URL field (size/bandwidth limits apply to remote files).

Clip and Annotate:

  1. Click on “View” button in the Info tab of the parent item. The movie will load in the browser window.
  2. Use Timeline cursor and toolbar buttons to set the start and end of the clip and create the annotation.
  3. Type your notes in the right column for the new child note linked to your clip. Add tags and related items.

Use public Vertov issue tracker to report problems and Zotero forums to suggest new features.

Vertov is a project of the Concordia Digital History Lab, Centre for Oral History and Digital Storytelling, Concordia University, Montreal